My name is Antoni (he/him), I currently live in Warsaw, Poland and work as a full stack developer at Omni Calculator, a startup that provides hundreds of custom-built calculators, each of them solving a real-life problem.


While I’ve been interested in technology since kindergarten, my real programming journey started in 2016 when I started learning JavaScript. I’m entirely self-taught, learning only through open-source contributions, documentations, and blog posts. Nowadays, my main programming languages are TypeScript and JavaScript, but I also use C++ for my school assignments and sometimes tinker with Rust for WebAssembly.


I’m a big fan of the open-source community, and I maintain several projects on GitHub. I’m also an indie hacker — in June 2020, I launched my first paid app on Product Hunt — Parsify Desktop, a cross-platform, text-based calculator. It is used by thousands of individuals worldwide, and I’m still developing it.


If you like listening to tech podcasts, I appeared on the 85th episode of JS Party by The Changelog. Fragment of a conversation between me, Feross Aboukhadijeh, and Mikeal Rogers, from the aforementioned episode, was mentioned in Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software, a book by Nadia Eghbal, published by Stripe Press.


When it comes to offline activities, I hugely enjoy cycling and listening to classical music. Besides that, I love traveling! As of today, I’ve been to several countries, and I’m looking forward to visit more places in the future.


You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, and Mastodon. My email address is antoni at this domain.